The following terms and conditions are subjected to accessing TheDesignExpert and matters that may arise in availing of the services from the site. It contains significant rules to follow while accessing the site and establishing a relationship with the company. You are advised to read the Terms of Use carefully before seeking support from TheDesignExpert or accessing the site from any of your devices. If you fail to abide by the rules, the company reserves the right to discontinue operations with you or immediately take legal actions against the user.


All users or customers of our site shall use the features, applications, or services with their consent to these terms. By clicking on the signup, I agree, or related options on our site, we will assume that you agree to the terms of use with TheDesignExpert, which is mentioned in the following section.

Entering in this agreement will consider you as legally matured in your jurisdiction; therefore, you are competent to access our services easily. However, if you are not lawfully mature, then TheDesignExpert will be assured of using the site under the guidance or supervision of an adult who shall agree to the terms of use. Any user less than 13 years of age shall not be allowed to access or use the services under legal laws. All the activities pertaining to professional services without the consent will be considered unauthorized and against the terms.

Users representing any business or entity should know all the rights and concerns before entering the agreement. However, if the user disobeys the terms or has insufficient authority, then it should guarantee us their personal responsibility to release any obligations and liabilities that may arise with the use of our site and its services. It also includes the sharing of third-party content and other related unauthorized activities on TheDesignExpert.

This agreement is complete and applies on the whole. You have the right to either accept the terms or refuse. You have no authority to redefine any of the provisions of this agreement unless TheDesignExpert is agreed to permitting you. If any of the terms in the agreed is biased or not following applicable laws, that specific provision shall not enforce to avoid inconsistency or violation of the applicable laws.

Our company reserves a right to determine which process, policies, procedures, and guidelines are appropriate for using TheDesignExpert’s services or any other related features. We assure you that all such procedures, processes, guidelines, and policies will be referenced in this agreement. It is notified that our representatives or any staff member shall not make certain claims, as mentioned in this agreement.

To make yourself authorized or liable for availing our services on the site, the user has to register itself first. We also notify you that we do not provide free assistance or logo design services to our customers and that there will be a fee of every order placed on our website. In this way, TheDesignExpert can restrict the right to obtain any feature or services which are effectively fulfilling the conditions for using the site and services. We also ensure that users from different countries may face slight changes in the accessibility of the website whereas it certain changes may also occur due to difference in the pricing packages, which are set according to the features and expertise.

The services at TheDesignExpert are available to users across the world, and every user shall be responsible for reporting us about the accessibility of the website or services in their jurisdiction. Also, the user should ensure that TheDesignExpert is providing professional services to the prospects without violating laws, regulations, or any other cyber limitations of any region as prescribed by the government and cyber authorities.

TheDesignExpert reserves the right to make amendments, delete, impose conditions, or permanently delete any feature or service from the site without any obligations, whatsoever. The company is the sole authority of having the services online and can implement any of these changes. We do not guarantee that our services will be available in the future, regardless of the services already availed before.

We only publish notices, disclose information, or communicate with our prospects using electronic methods. Our professionals shall not proceed with any such practices, which are not feasible in a tech environment. We inform our users by this agreement that all sorts of information are disclosed via e-mail or mobile devices. Also, the messages sent by us shall abide by the legal requirements of the communication.


Access to TheDesignExpert is voluntary and requires no registration to explore its features or services. However, the users have to register themselves to avail paid services at any time.

When a user creates an account on TheDesignExpert, it has to enter the primary credentials, i.e., name, contact number, e-mail address, and related personal details to proceed with the registration process. For a business profile, the user has to enter business details as well to get the assistance accordingly. In the next step, the user has to enter specific information to proceed with the pricing process that is then transferred to our payment processor. Our site manages all the personal information provided in the first step according to the Privacy Policy incorporated in this agreement. You can view our privacy policy here to know our measures and legal actions taken to protect your personal information from any theft on the site.

The content or information you share with us will be considered complete, true, accurate, current, and reliable. However, if the admin founds any duplication or fabricated content, the user will be held responsible for acknowledging the issue at earliest. Also, if a customer creates a fake account with incomplete information or unreliable data, then it shall be considered as a material breach of this agreement.

TheDesignExpert will strictly manage and monitor activities related to creating an account on the website. The account will be screened for acceptance and approval, and it should follow the primary standards to satisfy the company’s policy. The site reserves a right to reject, terminate, suspend, or restrict the account approval at any time without any obligations whatsoever.

Creating an account on our site requires your obligation to maintain your device’s security and confidentiality of the information. You shall be responsible for all the activities linked to your account. In any case, you suspect any unauthorized activity or control on the account; then, you are advised to report the problem immediately to our support. We will review the problem and take preventive measures to fix the issue(s) at the earliest.

When you create an account on our website or seek a particular service, it will be deemed that you subscribe to our newsletter or notification. ThDesignExpert will send information that is helpful for the users on the registered e-mail addresses to improve user experience. It will also help you to know about new features and changes made to the website. The company allows you to cancel the subscription at any time, but it will not prevent us from sending relevant notifications to the users.

Pricing & Payment

The prices and packages mentioned on our site regarding the services are subject to change at any time. TheDesignExpert can change or modify the fees without any liabilities, obligations, or prior notice.

TheDesignExpert has the authority to add or remove any payment instrument for achieving efficient operations. The payment instrument held on the site is only used for the current transactions. Also, we only integrate genuine payment instrument and do not support unauthorized or stolen payment instrument that is not applicable within our agreement. We often collaborate with payment processors, e-commerce solution providers, credit screening service, payment gateway, or other thirdparties, which offer genuine and verified payment instrument to our site and services. TheDesignExpert reserves a right to discontinue your transaction process at a sole will.

The users are obliged to ensure that they are a verified account holder and are authorized to use their credit card as a payment option. Also, you must ensure that the registered credit card has sufficient funds for a successful transaction. If your credit card does not proceed with a successful transaction or no longer valid to be charged, then it is your responsibility to update us about the reason for failure. TheDesignExpert will not be liable for any damages, claims, expenses, or liabilities concerning the failed transaction.

Prohibited Conducts

ThDesignExpert strictly prohibits the following actions related to user content and site usage. We ensure that if any user disobeys the rules or violate the agreement, the company is liable to take immediate action against the user according to the law:

  1. Users cannot breach the agreement, any site policy, regulation, applicable law, ordinance, or statute.
  2. Users should not create a fake account or represent a false company or entity. It will violate the registration policy and leads to a material breach of this agreement.
  3. Customers cannot request to copy or recreate a competitor’s work. It will be straightaway refused by the team of experts in our company.
  4. Users using foul or objectionable language will be blacklisted, and the company is liable to take strict action against the user as sole discretion.
  5. User is not allowed to ask for the information of other customers, which will be a breach to confidentiality and against the privacy terms.
  6. Users must not refuse to consider and follow this policy and the company’s practices. All users are required to abide by the laws and comply with the site’s preferences effectively.
  7. Users cannot use a third-party account without permission or until otherwise stated.
  8. Users cannot request or use any other transaction method to proceed with the service.
  9. Users should not send any data or files containing viruses or malware that can affect our systems, website, and company on the whole.
  10. We will entertain no discount or concession request.
  11. Users under contract with us shall not post false, inaccurate, or misleading content on social media with the intention to defame our services and site.
  12. Users may not use account credentials that are unreliable or similar to any other user or website.
  13. Users are not allowed to copy, modify, or disclose content from our site.

Copyrights & Trademarks

The content published on our site and services, including but not limited to icons, company logo, sample designs, trademarks, artworks, graphics, effects, texts, photographs, descriptions, images, services, titles, and intellectual property are exclusive or non-exclusive properties of TheDesignExpertthat are protected under the copyright, trademark, and other regional and international laws. All rights regarding the site and services belong to TheDesignExpert. Copyright © 2020 TheDesignExpert. All rights reserved.

All users accessing the site are not allowed to copy, share, alter, adapt, or modify the logos, artworks, slogans, services, trademark, and other proprietary information related to our services offered to the prospects without our permission. Otherwise, TheDesignExpert reserves a right to cancel the contract with the user and take legal action against them. Also, the users are not allowed to use our company-generated keywords or service names in any hidden texts or metatags. We acknowledge that the theme used for designing the website and presenting our brand to the prospects solely belongs to us and that it is not copied or integrated from another site. Our users should also acknowledge that they should not use or replicate our site’s products or services without proper authorization. You should endorse our efforts in creating a professional logo design website to provide any assistance to the valued clients.

Non-Compliance Or Waiver

If TheDesignExpert is unable to follow the applicable laws or enforce any provision of this agreement under specific circumstances or conditions, it should not be considered as a waiver of legal rights concerning breach or non-compliance of this agreement.