TheDesignExpert respects the privacy of its valued customers, and that’s why the policy is created to manage and control arising privacy issues in using our services. This policy will govern the practices concerning accessing the website, various social media channels, and related services. We shall create professional logos for you by complying with the privacy standards mentioned in this policy. To refrain from any issues arising in accessing the site, please review our privacy policy that is developed to ensure transparency and integrity between the company and the customer. If you do not abide by our privacy policy statement, then you should cancel the service or do not continue using our site.

Our privacy policy is applicable as an agreement when our potential customer avails a service. This means that the customer has to understand our privacy statement and abide by the rules, which are entitled to various specific processes.

TheDesignExpert’s privacy policy will not apply to any third-party websites and services that are not being controlled or owned by us. Also, it doesn’t apply to your social media activities or other public forums that are related to our professional services. However, TheDesignExpert reserves the right to share your feedback, pictures, or related content for promoting our business.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact our customer support.

What TheDesignExpert Collects From Its Customers?

For proceeding with your order and providing you with a quality work, TheDesignExpert reserves the right to collect specific information for security and operational requirements. Following are the details that we collect from our customers:

Personal Details For Registration

To avail our services, the users are required to register themselves to our site. In this process, ThDesignExpert will require your personal information to fulfil the criteria of the registration process. However, if the user fails to provide specific details, the registration will not proceed, and the user shall not avail the required service from our site. We only collect and store your name, contact number, e-mail address, demographic credentials, and professional information. This information is used only to communicate with the customer and maintain the record for future promotions.

Payment Details

TheDesignExpert intends to collect payment information when you buy a logo or service from us. In this way, we only require debit/credit card number or other related payment details, which can be used for the transaction. Besides, we also acknowledge that these payment details are only used against the service while no other purchase is allowed to make on behalf of the availed services. The Design Expert also ensures that the payment details are directly transferred to the payment processor. We also acknowledge that your payment details are not shared or provided to any third-party for any kind of business operation.


We also collect information about cookies, which is mainly used to improve user experience and preferred site usage. TheDesignExpert reserves the right to monitor your browsing behaviour and site preferences so that related changes can be made to enhance your experience. However, we also allow our users to disable the cookies, but it will break certain functionalities in using our site. Also, the collected information is used for business promotion and will limit specific actions that were previously availed.

Third-Party Activities

TheDesignExpert hereby declares that it collects and retain your third-party services information that is linked with our site and services. This includes various social media channels, digital marketing tools, and related technologies. If you use any of these integrated services, we will collect your personal information from third party services. However, this information will be used according to the Privacy Policy Statement.

How We Use Your Information?

The information collected by TheDesignExpert help us to understand your preferences and interests. It allows the company to improve the services and deliver personalize and valuable experience. TheDesignExpert uses the collected information in the following ways:

  • Guides you in completing the transaction process
  • Communicates the promotional offers and updates regarding the products and services
  • Assists you in achieving business goals effectively
  • Provides you professional customer support and preferred service(s)
  • Provides personalized promotional offers
  • Helps you in meeting your needs
  • Attracting the prospects by marketing our services
  • Communicating our values and performance to the target audience by using your testimonials

How We Share Your Information?

TheDesignExpert will never rent, lease, or share your personal information without your consent except for the details mentioned in the Privacy Policy. The site only shares personal information when the following conditions are met:

We reserve the right to share your necessary information with our service providers, trusted partners, and some third-parties who are connected with this platform in a variety of ways. For instance, we can share your payment information with our payment processor to offer you a hassle-free transaction against the order. Moreover, we can also share your personal information with our service providers to manage your account, order, queries, business promotion, and other related operations that are linked with site usage or while availing the service.

TheDesignExpert acknowledges that other than personal information, no additional information is being shared with the service providers, third-parties, or trusted partners. We also obligate our third-parties to maintain security and confidentiality while using the personal information of our customers for professional reasons.

TheDesignExpert may share its customers’ data with the third-party advertising networks and advertisers on the site for facilitating them in their business. It is ensured that the customer data will be in a statistical form only and that we will only share aggregated data to maintain anonymity. However, in the case of exceptional business practices, some of the information will be combined with analytical information to enhance our site’s performance.

We also reserve the right to disclose the user information to thirdparties or any other relevant authorities under acute conditions or when appropriate. Our company believes that such disclosure is only possible when:

  • There is a need to comply with standards, regulatory laws, judicial proceedings, or court orders
  • It is required to the co-operate with the law enforcement agencies to provide them support in preventing cybercrime or fraud
  • It is important to apply terms and conditions or an agreement with TheDesignExpert
  • There is a need to enforce security or protection measures for its business and well-being of the human resources

Your Privacy Preferences

TheDesignExpert allows you to manage the privacy on our site by using the following privacy options:

  • You can easily modify or update your personal information that is collected by our site. However, if you aren’t able to access or perform necessary changes on your information from the user account, then send us your query at for immediate action. We ensure that these changes are subjected to applicable privacy and data protection laws in your jurisdiction. We also hold the right to refuse your request if it is irrelevant or demands unnecessary changes to personal information. TheDesignExpert reserves a right to charge a reasonable amount of fees for providing you access to perform specific changes.
  • If you don’t want to receive updates from us, then we allow our users to unsubscribe from the newsletter and any other promotional offer. You can easily subscribe or unsubscribe any of these services at any time by clicking on the link or button provided. However, with this action performed by the user, we shall not be prevented from sending declarations or notices concerning your account status or any changes in our terms and conditions.
  • You can easily disable cookies by configuring your device or browser settings. With this action, third-party related cookies or other permissions shall not limit your access to the site and ensure a convenient site usage except a few functions. This only depends on your device because after you disable the cookies, some site features will break or may not able to function properly.

Accuracy & Security Of Your Information

TheDesignExpert tends to store and manage your personal information under strict security measures. Similarly, we also strive to record user information to avoid any inconvenience accurately. At our company, specific tools and technologies are deployed to perform necessary data entry actions with no limitations in security practices. We have implemented dedicated technologies that facilitate management processes and compliance with the policy to maintain data accuracy.

We also ensure that the data stored in our databases are kept securely, which is not being used, shared, sell, or disclosed to any third-party or relevant authorities without permission. The company strictly follows data protection laws and enforce necessary actions to protect the data and ensure data integrity. .We guarantee you a secured platform where data sharing is highly secured and encrypted for achieving protection goals.

Children’s Privacy

The services offered by TheDesignExpert are not catering to the children needs. Therefore, it does not collect and retain any personal information of the children less than 13 years of age. Also, we are not intended to communicate with children in any circumstance.

If our customer is less than legal maturity age as defined in your jurisdiction, we shall assume that the customer is accessing our site or availing our services under the guidance or supervision of an adult who adheres to this Privacy Policy Statement. We also assume that children understand these privacy rights and use the options that are only effective concerning their age.

However, we also inform our users that TheDesignExpert never intentionally target or solicit personal information from children. We reserve the right to remove the personal information of any user who is found to be a minor and is less than 13 years of age.

Changes To Privacy Policy

ThDesignExpert reserves the right to make specific changes, i.e. edit, modify, delete, or replace the privacy policy any time. If there will be any changes made to this policy statement reflecting certain changes in the business or other legal requirements, the company will publish or notify the users about the last modifications. It is advised to keep visiting the page regularly to know about the changes in our legal terms related to the privacy rights, disclosure of the personal information, or how we use or share the information among authorities.

We also ensure that if there will be a need to modify the Privacy Policy urgently under any legal or business obligations, then we hold the rights to provide you a notification period in which specific amendments will be made in our policies. Once the date of the period is reached, the new Privacy Policy will be updated on our site whereas the old policy will be deleted immediately. Continued use or access of any application, feature, or service is available on this site shall be considered to be used with your consent to accept and abide by the current version of our Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

For further information or queries regarding our privacy policy, contact us on the following channels:

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