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Cookies In General

All websites today use cookies for accessing desirable user information. In this way, this site also uses cookies. With the permission of a user, files with considerable sizes are downloaded on a user’s computer to improve userexperience. To aware our users about the cookies and its use, the page consists of desirable information regarding the purpose and need to store cookies. Alongside, tips to prevent the cookies from being stored are also explained. Remember that when cookies are disabled, some site functionalities become unresponsive.


How TheDesignExpert Uses Cookies

TheDesignExpertuses cookies for different reasons, which are explained in detail below. However, if you wish to disallow the cookies from being stored by the site, then some of the site’s functionalities will break or become unresponsive. It is, therefore, made sure that there are no particular industry-based options that would disable the cookies without affecting the site’s functionality. We recommend you to leave the cookies as in case you are unsure about the related actions.


How To Disable Cookies

If you want to disable the cookies, then access the settings of your browser and perform necessary actions. Make sure that when the cookies are disabled, some of the site’s functionalities and services are affected that cannot be restored for the rest of the session. Hence, do not disable the cookies if you want a hassle-free experience.


Cookies Used By TheDesignExpert

Account Cookies

The site stores the cookies for administration and management of the signup process immediately after you create an account. Usually, these cookies are deleted when a user logs out from the account. In some cases, the cookies remain in the database to remember the site’s preferences and experience.

Login Cookies

The site also stores login cookies. It helps the user to prevent itself from entering the credentials every time. When you enter your details to log in to the account, the site stores the cookies so that you don’t have to re-enter the credentials when switching to a new page. However, the cookies are removed when you log out from the account.

E-mail Newsletters Cookies

The site also offers an e-mail subscription facility for which the cookies are also used to remember the registered users. It allows the site to show the notification to only those users who have not subscribed to newsletter or e-mail service.

Orders Processing Cookies

The site enables payment operations, and that’s related cookies are important to remember the order between pages. It helps in recognizing the payment process and enhancing sitewide user experience.

Survey Cookies

This site also includes different surveys and questionnaires for gathering insights about user experience and their feedback related to site performance and customer support. The cookies used here mainly keep information about the users who have participated in the survey or provided valuable results after certain changes are applied.

Forms Cookies

After you submit an order or contact us form, the cookies are stored to remember the user details for immediate response.

Site Preferences Cookies

The site uses site preferences cookies to know your experience and provide better functionality in the future. It also helps the site to remember your preferences so that your experience will get better during fresh exposure.


Third-Party Cookies

TheDesignExpert also trusted third party cookies in only some cases. Below you can find the details about third party cookies that can help you in surfing the website appropriately.

  • Google Analytics is enabled on the site, which is one of the trusted and globally-used analytics solutions. It allows the admin to understand the website's performance and ways to improve the user experience. The cookies are used to monitor a few important elements, including user’s spending time on pages, which helps the admin to manage the content and functionality.
  • To deliver the best services and experience, we tend to use updated features and perform desirable changes. However, we keep testing the features to ensure that the user is accessing the functions effectively. Also, the cookies are used for optimizing the performance in the best possible way.
  • We create logos for our valued customers, and it is essential to track the number of orders completed. We use cookies to help us understand the statistics and ensure accuracy in predicting the business. Moreover, the cookies also allow us to monitor marketing, advertising, and production cost to satisfy the clients by offering them competitive prices.
  • The site also uses Google AdSense service, which is the best for acquiring advertising features. It uses a DoubleClick cookie that is significant in reporting about the ads used across the site while limits the number to a user to avoid interruptions.
  • TheDesignExpert usesan advert to optimize the total cost of running the website. It provides a facility to fund the site that is used for effective development. For this purpose, behavioural advertising cookies are used, which ensures to provide only relevant adverts for monitoring user interests while showing related features on the site.
  • We have several affiliate partners. The site uses affiliate tracking cookies to track the traffic and knowing about the source affiliate. It helps us in giving credits to the particular affiliate and provide them bonuses for helping us to grow.
  • We also have different social media buttons and plugins on our site. It helps the users to connect with the company on different social networks easily. The cookies are used to manage the record and enhance the user profile for various purposes. However, we make sure that the actions are taken under the respective privacy policy.

Further Details

Our cookie policy is simple and must have cleared you about our operations. If still, you are not sure about the cookies, then feel free to disable the option using browser settings. Make sure that after you disable the cookies, certain site functions will break or become irresponsive.

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