Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies Famous Logo in 2021


In order to dominate the mobile markets, companies are launching good products which are of high quality. But they also have a great foundation and philosophy, in which logos are also included, and the company’s solid image is reflected in its logo.

Any person’s cell phone rings so, first they reach their pocket or purse because they are fixed in our modern society in which almost everyone carries their cellphones, these communication logos are seen by the public, and it is also going in the top businesses.

Logo makers made basketball letterhead logos, custom gaming logos, and many others but we are only discussing mobile companies’ logos.

Logotype of mobile companies

Let’s see which type of logo is used by the top 10 mobile phones companies.


Motorola is like the shape of the friendly circle but the triangle is also incorporated as well. The letter “ M” is formed by two triangles. However, these triangles are rounded in a circle so that this could also be interpreted as an arrow pointing upward. 


LG takes 20% of the US market, this logo is welcoming and also indeed friendly. In the shape of one circle with a happy smiling face. If you look closely, the company name is fixed in it.

Sony Ericsson logo

This brand makes it a joint venture on the opposite side of the world. However this logo is not an amalgam of two company logos, but this logo image is permanent and independently unique.

Blackberry logo

This name is blackberry because in this logo tiny beans of berry appear, this logo says the seeds and keys are the major elements. These seeds represent the style of blackberry, however, the company tries to show a friendly image with their customer.


It was very popular some 10 years ago. Today Nokia has only 1% of the market share all over the world. And in this logo, arrow-like letters symbolize their progress in the telecom industry.


This company’s market share is about 3.2, this company logo changed 12 times, this current logo is very easy to read and very simple.

OPPO logo

OPPO was established in 2001, this company is highly focused on mobile front cameras, this company’s logo designs are also simple and timeless.


This is the third leading mobile manufacturer all over the world, The Huawei market share is going up 10%. Huawei logos are very attractive, like the flower basket or flower.


This company offers the most innovative cell phones, this company has a market share of about 14.7% in 2017. This logo is very simple and was designed by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976.

Samsung logo design

This company is the second leading mobile manufacturer, they covered 22% of the market with their mobile phones, product quality and price is always on the top. 

This logo shows their success and it is also very simple, attractive, and timeless.


If you have a logo made, make your business covered in your logo design and approach all over the world with your business. 

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