The Story Behind The Apple Logo


If you want to make a kind of best logo then always follow trends like creating a basketball logo trend is going on. When we think about well-known types of logos, we wonder how they came to be. What was the original inspiration and idea? Why have they evolved or role over the years? 

Usually, logos like free baby logos and others always have a history. Today, we’re going to talk about the history of the Apple logo, which is one of the greatest and most famous logos in the world. We will also answer the very specific type of question: Why is there a bite place in the apple?

A few words about Apple company

Apple was born in the year 1976, in Los Altos, California, along with Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak. One year later, in the year 1977, Apple became a company. At first, they sold computers, then moved on to mobile products, and finally to the streaming platforms.

This logo had an eventful beginning. Initially, its branding and name resembled that of the Records of Apple, the company record owned by the Beatles at the time. The Beatles decided to sue, and Apple had to pay the damages to Apple Records.

The first Apple logo

This was created by Ronald Wayne in 1976. He’s considered as one of the founders of Apple. This logo depicts Isaac’s idea of Newton discovering gravity when an apple falls on his head. As we can see, this logo is complex and quiet in order to understand the simplicity and lacks clarity. Moreover, Steve Jobs was not in favor of this logo, which led it to be replaced in the months that followed.

Apple logo evolution over the years

In order to create a more simple, new, and representative logo, Steve Jobs hired a graphic designer, Rob Janoff, giving birth to this logo as we know it today: the bitten apple. But what was the unique thing about this new apple logo? It is composed of rainbow colors. 

Steve Jobs wanted a type of logo that stood out and made customers buy the product. But why did he decide to use a logo with a bite taken out of it? Janoff answered this question in an interview at that place in 2009. The bite is for scale, so a small Apple logo always looks like an apple, not like a cherry. And why only apples? Steve Jobs, who worked in an orchard when he was the age of a boy, decided to give a name to his computers after his favorite kind of apple, the McIntosh. 

This logo remained the same until 1998 when Steve Jobs decided to make a new brand image for his products. He opted for a type of monochrome logo this time. The company was sufficiently established that Steve Jobs wanted to portray and try it as a luxury brand, which was ultimately successful. The logo was firstly blue and translucent with a three-dimensional type of look, then plain black between 1998 and 2000.


All the logos have their own value. Always make your logo according to trend. In this 2022 year, some type of logo is on-trend like famous gaming logos and many others. The logo is the identity of every company. If the logo is better then it also makes your company greatly established.   

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