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Since everyone needs effective and handy sanitizers these days, many home-based and other small businesses are planning to launch hand sanitizers for people around the world. It is even crucial for them to decide which sanitizer logo is best for their brand.

Are you also looking for some sanitizer logo inspiration? Hold your search here because this time, you will get to know a few famous brands that have taken the logo design seriously and have become popular in the global market.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have started to make hand sanitizer from home ingredients. It is another way to earn profits and help each other at the same time. If you are also one of those, then you might also need the best sanitizer logo for your product.

Let us explore the famous brands in detail to get an idea of how you can craft a sanitizer logo for your brand from scratch or opt for the logo design services through online platforms.

Top 5 Sanitizer Brand Logo Design Inspirations

⦁ Purell Logo

Purell is one of the leading hand sanitizer production companies. It mainly uses ethyl alcohol in its formula, which is highly effective in battling against coronavirus.

If you see the brand, you will get an idea about the simplicity and precision. Purell has chosen the design to focus mainly on its brand name rather than other features. This is one of the best sanitizer logo inspirations in 2020 because many brands nowadays prefer creativity over precision.

As you can see, the logo has a dark blue parallelogram; it only includes a basic shape, which is easier to perceive and maintain focus on. Other than this, they have also chosen a simple typeface so that every other person can read the name without having readability issues.

⦁ Dettol Logo

Dettol is another the best antibacterial company providing disinfectants and other cleaning products, which are helpful in some environmental issues. You may have seen several Dettol products in every superstore and shops.

Nowadays, Dettol is on the top list because it has proven ingredients and solutions to kill harmful bacteria in minutes. Every one of us is raving about the brand, and that’s why we should keep in mind that the brand has used a powerful branding technique too.

If you notice its sanitizer logo, you can see a simple text in a plain round shape. The logo is readable and clear that we can easily recognize the brand by looking at the product at a glance. Apart from this, it has a sword as well, which shows the power used against the infections and bacteria.

⦁ Safeguard Logo

In case you are looking for a creative sanitizer logo inspiration, then safeguard can be one of the best choices. The company is again famous for providing disinfecting products to the world’s economy.

Safeguard is an international brand and a product of P&G. It has created a significant impact by helping people fight from the germs and related environmental and health issues. Since the brand emphasizes its goals, you can simply opt for the sanitizer logo design as your biggest inspiration.

As the name suggests, the brand has chosen a very innovative theme. It comprises of a guard icon, which denotes protection and safety. Also, the pattern of the logo is not straight. Instead, it is quite rotated to below 90 degrees. Safeguard preferred a simple typeface over the fancy one, which looks extraordinarily professional and on-point.

⦁ Walch Logo

In the line of many sanitizer companies, Walch is the one which you can’t miss. It is a German brand produced in China that specializes in hand wash and disinfection lotions. The brand has already popular for providing effective sanitizers that are highly recommended in the world pandemic situation.

Walch is the only company that preferred a different style. It has followed a conventional design with a regular circle symbol. The shape only consists of two primary colors, i.e. red and blue.

Do you sense inspiration from the design? Obviously, this might help you in looking for both conventional and innovative designs that best fit your company goals.

⦁ Lifebuoy Logo

Last but not the least, Lifebuoy is the lifesaver for many in the world. Apart from some beauty solutions, the company also produces hand sanitizers best for the COVID-19 situation.

If you see its logo design, you must get an idea about the creativity and conventional style. Every graphic designer tends to highlight the essence of the company, and that’s what we can see in Lifebuoy logo design.

The asymmetric design has a simple symbol consisting of white color and no classy rotations. Even the typeface is plain and readable to the customers that is italicized to give it a minimal style. As the name suggests, the logo denotes its specialty in providing effective medical support.

The Verdict

So, this is not the end. I have listed down the companies, which we can think of and are helping people in this adverse situation.

If you are planning to join the competition, then you must not compromise on the logo design. It is the first impression that will definitely last forever. Give a thumbs up to the post if you liked these sanitizer logo inspirations and would try it out for yours.

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