5 Effective Logo Placement Ideas to Get More Attention


A logo design is the most prominent visual that lets viewers stick to your brand. Every other person today is looking for inspiration that can make their brand easily. But, have you ever think of the ideas to place your logo as an effective promotion strategy? Logo placement is, no doubt, a matter of concern that you should also look for to get more views than ever before.

There are hundreds of platforms, where brands can easily showcase their values and unique brand image to the world. Perhaps, one has to identify the potential ways through which it can get more fame and a thousand more conversions.

Once the log is created, it is time to let the world know about you. Where can you place the logo design to make a mark on customers? This is the question worth answering. This is the time to get aware of the things, which can simply boost your brand’s productivity in minutes.

Let us check out effective logo placement ideas that can earn you more profits and fame in the digital world.

5 Best Logo Placement Ideas To Ponder In 2020

⦁ Social Media

One of the biggest platforms to interact and show off your brand’s personality is social media. At this point, you get a chance to use this opportunity for letting the viewers notice your brand at a glance.

Social media provides a huge space to the users where they can interact with their target audience through creating a business page.

You can also have one in a few simple steps. Once the page is created, share the informative content by adding your logo on it.
With this logo placement idea, you will see increased fan following and becoming famous across the world within just a few clicks.

However, you have to make sure that the size and transparency of the logo are appropriate so that everyone can view it and recognize you easily.

⦁ Blogs and Websites

In today’s digital world, the website has become the norm. This is one of the tactics through which you can easily promote your products and services without any hassle. Logo placement on a website is another opportunity to get noticed by prospects.

Before you end up placing a logo anywhere on the website, know the user psychology first. Your custom logo design should not be placed in the center or on the right side. Instead, place it where the users can easily view it. Hence, most of the websites place their logo on the left side of the web page that allows visitors to recognize the brand instantly.

Logo Placement Ideas

Another most important logo placement idea which you should consider is a blog. For the bloggers, the concept is not new, but for beginners, it is a whole new topic. Simply, you are advised to know the worth of a blog and use it as a branding strategy for your business. Place the logo on the upper-left corner of the blog or even middle of the section, which grabs the attention effectively.

⦁ Business Cards

So, when you are running a business, it is important to hold a professional card as well. It is the best way to reach out to prospects who have limited access to the internet or might get to know you more through the cards.

Business cards are often used for branding purposes, and people take this as an opportunity to promote their business to the locals. For logo placement, business cards can help you in a much better way. It is one of the ideas that many professionals across the world have believed in and are prospering too.

⦁ E-mails

Communication is the key to brand yourself and let people come to you instantly. Today, every other company is using personalized e-mails to reach out to their clients and customers without any hassle.
Again, e-mail is the best logo placement idea for everyone. Use it to market your brand’s name because this placement worth a lot. With this approach, you will ensure engagement while customers will trust you and form a connection with the brand.

⦁ Vehicles Around Every One Of Us

Apart from banners and advertising your products and services on electronic media, you can also try the new vehicular promotion in 2020. Today, many companies around the globe are using vehicles to advertise their brands to the public.

It is simple and worth investing bucks on the idea. People attract more to vehicle branding, and that’s where you can place your logo for public attention. Try this out and see the change yourself.

Final Thoughts

Did you find these logo placement ideas interesting? For newbies, it is a complete guide, and that’s how they can become popular in the world. Perhaps, experienced professionals can also take benefit from this article.

If you have not done anything from these yet, then this is the time to change your branding game. These logo placement ideas have worked for many. So, try your luck and welcome more fans than before.

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