3 Logo Design Trends To Follow In 2020


For every brand, the logo plays a key role in attracting people towards it. Since we have entered in 2020, and there is a lot to explore, logo design trends are one of the best topics to debate on. You may come across thousands of blogs and articles where logo design lessons have been taught for free.

Let’s change the lesson. It is time to get to know about amazing logo design trends that can help you make the brand in 2020. Remember, the research explains that around 89% of marketers believe that a brand logo creates brand awareness in public. Were you aware of this fact?

Well, it is time to make things easier for you. I have combined a few interesting logo design trends that will help you in marketing your brand without any hassle.

Interesting Logo Design Trends To Know In 2020

Minimalistic Logo Design

Gone are the days when everyone used to like fancy and cheesy graphics on the Internet. Now, as time has changed, one thing which can help you create brand awareness is opting for minimalism in a professional logo design.

The best logo design trend to follow in 2020 is adding minimal elements in the design. It will not only ensure sophistication but elegance and simplicity as well. There are several brands, which are already following the trend and are successful too. Take an example of Zayn Ting. They have successfully implemented the minimalist design by placing a fancy “Z” and have identified the full brand name to grab the attention towards their product, i.e., human hair wigs.

You can also consider this and make your brand logo simple and intricate. Just look for features that can lose the interest of the public. Eliminate these features and only put the attention-grabbing ones.

Geometric Logo Design

Another logo design trend that is hit nowadays is adding geometric shapes and styling the logo of your choice. This is one of the evergreen trends that you can’t miss.

Many brands today tend to adopt the trend because it is minimal and symbolic at the same time.

Also, if you know human psychology, then you must be aware of their response to the geometric shapes. We all respond to symmetrical shapes subconsciously while the straight lines give comfort and satisfaction.

Take inspiration from famous brands near you. It is very useful to add geometric shapes with fine edges and minimal features rather than confusing the viewers with fancy designs.

Emblem Logo Design

Emblem logo design is in the trend for thousands of years. It is not new, but everyone admires it the most. The attractiveness of such designs is still fresh, and now you can also take the inspiration to get noticed at a glance.

Why brands prefer emblem logo design over modern ideas? Well, some traditions never fade away, and this the reason that many people feel comfortable in looking at the logo design that has emblem graphics.

However, there was also a time when a few brands stepped back and adopted the modern style. In this case, people showed a negative response and hence, it proved that emblem logo design is always a hit.

Since we are in 2020, your brand should attract the target audience by showing off the royalty and richness in the brand. Consider the logo design trend and let your brand stand out from the crowd.

The Bottom Line

Logo design trends keep changing, but a few aspects remain the same. This post has covered 3 surprising ideas that can help you build a brand image like never before. Look around yourself, and you will see how other brands are increasing by effectively adopting the logo design strategies.

There is always a positive and a negative point about any trend. Consider the positives first and go along with it. Since the competition is tough and people only believe in the aesthetics and intricacy, you have to take notice of such things to become famous in no time. I hope you find this post interesting and helpful too. So, will you follow the logo design trends to flourish in 2020?

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