Guide Line To Plan Custom Made Logos


When we talk about the logos in actuality, we are talking about the company behind it. Because every company or every brand must need it. Without a logo, no brand and company create image and memory for other people. In all the things from the beginning of the company and the brand.

The logo plays an important role. as without logo companies and brand has no identity for the work. Anyone can copy and use the name without the logo. So, for the identity and publicity matter must need to have the proper logo. Things look simple but in actual they are not like that.

Without a logo, working is like working without any scope and vision. As the logo is the short identity for the memory of the client, customers, and the other associated team. In short without a logo no have a good and long life for the company and the brand.

Because in the current era where several companies and brands are playing with marketing. A company without a logo and brand identity how can survive. If survive how long it can run in the big business without any identity and special mark. That special mark and identity we mostly called the logo.

Here are some guidelines for making the logo. Either on the basis of customized or readymade. As both kinds of logos are workable but customized one is always better for the uniqueness of the logo. Following are the steps or guides if follow can get best desirable logo for the business and brand.

1. Get an idea of the need for a logo

In this stage need to know that why you need a logo. It is already present or not. If present why you need the new one and if don’t have any logo what is the reason to make it. Must need a clear mind and understanding in actual why you need it. Must need to have the core reason in your mind or paper.

2. Understand your brand and industry

You must need to have the proper knowledge about your brand and the industry. This will allow you to map the logic behind the logo making. The main thing is that you must need to have industry working knowledge.

3. Get catching ideas

The logos must need to add some ideas of the desire. This can make things easy for the making and selection of the logo. Moreover if you have clicking ideas now you can put them on paper.

4. Check about competitors

In all business, competitors play an important because they are the indirect teacher of things. If you study all things about the competitors, you can run maximum things in your control. That’s why for logo competitor theme and design knowledge is mandatory.

5. Filter things for your logo

You must need to have good knowledge of what you need in your logo. what kind of character and what kind of other things. This allows you to decide things much easier.

6. Select the color theme

For the logo and brand making color theme matters a lot. Moreover color selection is the key area for the logo. As this will represent your company and brand in the world. As a result of the color, combination the world will understand your identity in seconds.

7. Check out different designs

Must check different possible designs on your theme and desire. As many options can open your mind in a more clear way. This is the key to the selection of the logo.

8. Check for the style’s options

The styling should need to be considered as the top priority. As too much hardstyle and too much-complicated style, people avoid keeping in memory. Simple style and proper view are always better.

9. Make vectors for the selection

Must ask for the vectors from the designers to make a better selection on the basis of your idea. Because many times studying of the vector give more open ideas to the mind. Personal involvement is always better in vector making.

10. Get three logo options for selection

Must shortlist the three logo options for the finalization process. This can allow you to check which one is best for your brand and company. The more you focus and involve the better results you have.

11. Select open type color

Make sure to discuss color selection with your team and the designer. This is a big issue when you do future marketing. As many colors not matched with the printing. The difference in color can hurt the brand and company impression.

12. Select a good font for better visualization

Don’t use too messy a font style as this can mix too many things in the mind. So easy memory must need to have the proper font with good size for easy reading. As this is matter a lot in the small and big advertisement.

13. Guide to your designing team for ideas

Must need to share your ideas with your designing team. This can help them to create more accurate things for you. The more engaging behavior in the work will give better results.

14. Get an open opinion about your logo

Must check opinions from the trusted people of your industry. This will allow more perfect remarks about the improvements.

15. Logo theme for all branded material

Don’t follow the same logo for all things. Like on the all-printing material and digital material. The same color same theme is the base of any brand. No matter either you are in sports and have basketball letterhead for your work.

16. Discuss cost variation with the team

No matter how big or small a company and brand you are must discuss the cost variation with designers. No issue if you are requesting to create school logos. Must do that thing as this can help you to check the reasonable cost.

17. Make proper constrain for time

Must work with the timelines, don’t allow anything out of the marginal timeline. This is also the same for the custom made logos in which too much time is required normally. This is based on the client’s approval as well.

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