Great Advantages Of QR Code- Importance Mainly For 2022


QR Codes have come from inventory management tools a long way. And now this is used extensively in some sectors like marketing too. In the coming years, QR code is going to be included in great marketing tools.

These QR Codes engage their audience and open multiple possibilities for marketers to reach their targeted audience.

Architecture logos inspiration, like this type of logo, many other logo designs greatly inspire people and in this case, QR code provides comfort in contacting all types of great websites.

Advantages of QR code

There are many great advantages of having a QR code.

1. Error-free and quick

 If the QR Codes option is not available, so in this case, the only way to connect consumers to online content is using a URL.

But typing the URL is going to be very time-consuming and inconvenient work. Consumers make many mistakes and errors in the typing of URLs.  Compared with QR Code it is an error-free process and much faster than a URL.

2. QR code as ATM

In 2015, Chicago-based Win-trust Financial and technology provider FIS launched more than 195 ATMs. All ATMs are cardless and depend on QR codes. With this ATM consumer withdraws their money simply with a small time-consuming QR code by using their Win-trust app.

QR Code-based on card-less withdrawal which only takes 8 seconds with the comparison of normal withdrawal which takes 47 seconds. This shows QR Codes are faster and reliable for their user. This is one of the main reasons which makes QR codes greatly popular in China.

3. Greatly actionable

Print media is still working for branding, it is not likely with digital marketing. But QR Codes make it possible. If you add QR Code, it makes your promotions interactive and also takes inputs from your target audience. You can easily run contests easily, and get people to register for products. 

In good examples ‘World Park’ is included, a campaign based on QR Code was held in New York City’s Central Park.  These QR Codes are placed in different locations of this park. When scanned, this QR tells visitors about the park’s history on this Quiz, about art and music, culture, and science or geology.

Basketball logo design ideas, this logo design are also very actionable, it provides great ideas in the consumer mind, and in some cases work like QR code, like in inspiring.

4. Engaged people with rich content

Using QR Codes, marketers share their rich content like videos with the help of it. Thus, this QR code helps in providing better engagement from their audience. For example, adding a QR code in the packaging of any type of pasta product, which provides consumers a video of the recipe of this pasta dish.

5. Very easy to save

Another great advantage of QR Codes is that, with the help of this user, they can easily save the data on their smartphones or other accessories easily.

For example, if you scan a V-card QR Code, so on the mobile page your contact details easily open. The page features like the ‘Add to Contacts’ button allows users to directly save their contact in their smartphone easily.

6. Easily traceable

If you have some knowledge of marketing, then you know the importance of analytics. It helps you in gaining valuable insights from your audience. This also helps you identify areas of weakness and strength.

But in print media, no tracking abilities are provided, unlike digital media. So in this case QR Codes help you out.  QR Codes help you in letting track by their scanning activity. For example, what amount of people scanned this code, when they scan it, and from which area they scan it.

7. Also, track on Event 

In addition, this code also offers a great feature called event tracking. It tells you how to interact with the content encoded in the QR Code after scanning it. For example, they click on a button that says register or sign-up. With the help of this data, you can easily and rapidly optimize your future campaigns better than ever.


Some of the logo designs are very famous like baby logo design, these all types of best logo designs in some cases work like QR codes because these both show your service and product quality. 

All of these QR code features are going to be very useful in the future, and include one of the best marketing tools.

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