Amazing Ideas For Interior Design Logos


Creating a memorable logo for interior designers and those in the design and decorator profession is a wonderful method to create your company’s identity. Consider the influence your work has on your clients’ lives to begin the process of generating logo concepts. Designers meticulously curate a person’s most sacred space: their house.

We’ve assembled our greatest interior design logo ideas and tactics in this article so you can feng-shui your business in the right direction.

What makes a good interior design logo?

In an ideal world, your customers will feel confident that they are working with a designer or decorator who will turn their house into a sanctuary—a safe refuge away from the stresses of life. With this in mind, a logo for this field should reflect the designer’s or decorator’s philosophy and aesthetic.

Do you design surroundings that are clean, minimalist, and modern? Do you utilise a lot of vibrant colours and other bold statements in your work? Consider who you are and the outcomes you achieve, and then translate that identity into the perfect logo for your company.

Ideas for interior design logos

Logos for interior designers and decorators in the modern era.

Being modern is always a fantastic choice when it comes to logo design and the decor it represents. In addition to having lasting appeal, modern, minimalist design gives a great deal of versatility. 

Crisp lines, sharp angles, and sans-serif fonts are examples of this in logos. In your modern logos, stick to the basics and use neutral hues.

Interior design and decorator logos that are eclectic

It’s critical for an interior designer or decorator to have a diverse skill set. Even if your own style leans one way or the other, you should be able to adapt to a variety of appearances that your clients may require. Many successful persons in the home design industry are colourful, eccentric, and different. 

Allow your logo to do the talking (think quirky graphics, vivid colours and expressive fonts). Use your best architecture logo design to inform clients that your work does not fit into a specific category.

Interior design and decorator logos that are simple and easy.

Less is more is a universal notion that commonly drives both home decor and logo design. A logo for your business doesn’t have to be flashy; it can simply express who you are. Incorporate aspects such as building or furniture silhouettes to express yourself through simple, easy-to-understand shapes. Remember, your logo should convey that you’re an expert in your field (without going overboard).

Interior design and decorator trademarks that luxurious

Many interior designers and decorators have a certain clientele in mind: folks who appreciate the finer things in life. If you want to break into the luxury market, you’ll need a logo that’s lavish in the correct way like companies with flower logos

Consider how our culture has embraced its iconic, recognized symbol coupled with a stunning font which is usually metallic. A logo is your chance to make a statement, so plan ahead and design something the premium market will love (all-caps lettering and shiny things are welcome here).


Customers should be encouraged to kick back, put their feet up on that wonderful ottoman, and stay awhile when they see an interior designer or decorator brand. Interior designers and decorators create pleasant settings, and a well-designed logo adds to the friendly atmosphere. So go ahead and choose the appropriate logo according to trends like race logos design to make your company feel at ease.

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